LBM Management, founded on 1997 by Yves Lejeune, is a full service Basketball agency based in Belgium and working across all Europe. Primarily LBM is focused on women's basketball sphere but also assists male players and coaches. Agency LBM is animated by agents having official FIBA licences (link).

  • FIBA Certified Agents
    Licences 2007018079, 2007018113, 2009020497, 2013028013.
  • FFBB (French Federation) Certified Agent (Since August 2003).
  • Agreement W.RE.424 from the Ministry of Walloon Region.
  • Agreement W.RS.424 from the Ministry of Walloon Region.
  • Agreement VG.1417/BS from the Ministry of Flemish Region.
  • Official FIP (Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro) agent since April 2008


Yves founded LBM with three basic philosophies:

  • As Head coach during 9 seasons in top national first division was interested in the recruiting and signing process ; to provide for his clients the services and support that he remember needing and waiting when he was coach.
  • As Olga Garanina's husband, ex-professional basketball player (Russia, Spain, Belgium, GD Luxemburg) ; to provide for his clients the services and support that a player has the right to wait from an agent.
  • An order of mission for our clients: "A global quality service in an ethical manner".

Our services

  • Aid talented women players to sign with European teams.
  • Offer the following to women European teams looking for an import player or coach.
  • For his club's clients LBM is exclusively representing across 21 countries in Europe more that 20 WNBA players for the USA based agency of Mr. Wiesel (Exclusive agreement).
  • LBM also assists coaches and male players.

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