LBM Consultant Russia

  • Name of consultant: Olga GARANINA
  • Passports: Russian and Belgian
  • Company: LBM Management (since 1997)
  • Multilingual services: Russian, French, English
  • Studies: T.I. - Moscow "Engineer Economist" (December '90)
  • Official website:


As basketball agent consultant (since 1997)

  • Olga is the main consultant of LBM since 1997.
  • Her professional experience allows councils adapted to the various situations met by our customers.

As basketball head-coach

  • Coached all categories young and teenagers (camps during 10 years)
  • Diploma (level 3 "Moniteur spécialiste" ) ADEPS Belgian Basketball (2003).

As basketball player

  • Ex-professional basketball player (active 20 years)
  • Veteran of USSR, Russia, Spain, Belgium, GD Luxemburg
  • Ex-International player for USSR and Russia
  • European Champion with USSR
  • Russian Master Sports