Owner / Agent

  • Name of owner: Yves LEJEUNE
  • Passport: Belgian (November 24, 1969)
  • Company: LBM Management (since 1997)
  • Multilingual services: English, French, Russian
  • Studies: Graduate I.E.S.P. Liège (June 91 - great distinction)
  • Holder FIBA Players' Agent Licence since 2007 (Licence number 2007018079).
    For more information on FIBA Agent Regulation follow this link
  • Holder FFBB (French Federation) Certified Agent (Since August 2003).
  • Agreements W.RE.424 & W.RS.424 from the Ministry of Walloon Region.
  • Agreement VG.1417/BS from the Ministry of Flemish Region.
  • Official website: http://www.lbmyveslejeune.com


As basketball agent (since 1997)

  • Yves LEJEUNE (aged of 27) founded LBM Management in 1997
  • LBM is working across all Europe
  • We strive to aid talented women players to sign with European teams
  • We offer the following to women European teams looking for an import player or coach.
  • Holder FIBA Players' Agent Licence since 2007.
    Yves successfully passed the written test and interview at the FIBA Headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland.
    LBM Management is one of the first companies worldwide that has a FIBA certified Agent.
    FIBA, which is responsible for basketball affairs worldwide, organized the first runs for certification of agents in FIBA basketball on March 29 and 30, 2007.
  • Holder FFBB (France) Players' Agent. Licence since August 2003 (Licence number 200000002978098).
  • Holder of following Belgian Agreements:
    • W.RE.424 from the Ministry of Wallon Region.
    • W.RS.424 from the Ministry of Wallon Region.
    • VG.1417/BS from the Ministry of Flemish Region.
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As basketball head-coach

  • Coached all "male" categories young boys and teenagers
  • Coached women teams during 9 seasons in top national first division (Belgian Vice-champion, G.D. Luxemburg Champion), was the youngest coach of first division during 9 seasons
  • Club´s technical director during 7 seasons

As basketball player

  • Played 10 seasons at the highest level with young teams
  • Belgian champion, Belgian cup winner